a movie by

Jean-Claude Wicky

"Our job is inhumane, but it would be worse having none" says Hilarion Mamani.
For many years, the Swiss photographer Jean-Claude Wicky visited Bolivia on a regular basis to investigate 30-some mining centers throughout the country to portray the people of the mine. Day after day he buried himself with the miners in this gloomy dantesque labirynth where they confront rock and speak with the devil. The result of his work is a photographs exhibition and a book wich illustrate their terrible saga.
When he discovered how strongly they reacted to his pictures he decided to make a film.

Black and white photographs accompanied by dull explosions and hammering alternate with film sequences, in wich the miners talk about the harsh conditions or their everyday lives, while also rendering visible their pride, dignity and their dynamic traditions.

"Every day is night" is also the testimony of profoundly sincere human encounters based on respect, generosity and gratitude.